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What should we say? Where should we begin? The two of us began with just an idea really. We have gone through our fair share of products. Haven't we all? We love the shine of this one but it does not detangle. This one detangles but does not moisturize or help the mane and tail. This one moisturizes but attracts dirt and creates a drag. What if we take a bottle and begin mixing the products together. Trying to find a proper balance to create a spray for us. Then we thought about it...why not us? We are riders, we are groomers, we are event showers...we should research what we want. Try to create a line of products that perform to our standards. A line of products that we could honestly endorse and not because of some payoff or glory but because it works!

So we set out and we researched and researched and researched. We took only natural ingredients that performed a valuable function for us. We ran trial after trial after trial. We let our horses go to differing levels of grooming to test. We grabbed our suspicious dogs and sprayed them. We nailed it. Then we thought about what it is in an aroma-therapuetic manner that we needed. What does every rider need? Balance. What does every horse need? Balance. Then we had meetings over pizzas and thought we need uplifting, rejuvenation, balance, positive thoughts. We researched natural essential oils not perfumes that would get us to that point. Eventually, after changing the formula several times, we came up with what would be an exotic trademark scent. So with ingredients imported from around the world, we are so very proud to present to you our BGA Equine line of spa quaility items for you, your horses and your pets as well as for ours.

Thank you, stay safe and enjoy your life,

Terri (Strata) and Jymie (Ducati)